Oliver Stone

Born in 1946, Oliver Stone is best known for his achievements as a director, producer and screenwriter. His success has brought him three Oscars and four Golden Globes. He received two of his Oscars for BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY and PLATOON. He was also Best Director nominee for JFK and Best Screenplay nominee for NIXON in 1995. Stone is regarded as the master of controversial topics and political provocation.

Pavel Lungin

Born in 1949 the son of a Soviet writer, Pavel Lungin studied mathematics and linguistics at the University of Moscow, where he also attended courses for screenplay writers and directors. He initially began work as a screenplay writer before giving his directing debut in 1990 with TAXI BLUES, a film that earned him the title of best director at Cannes and a Golden Globe nomination. Lungin’s films are primarily concerned with Russian people and their everyday activities. He celebrated further success with LUNA PARK (1992), THE WEDDING (2002) and THE ISLAND (2006). He has been nominated three times for the Golden Palm at Cannes.

Stanislaw Mucha

The Polish director Stanislaw Mucha lives and works in Germany. Stanislaw makes films about Europe and what is thought to be Europe. Bizarre figures and amusing stories populate his films and, despite all the absurdities, Mucha manages to avoid making the protagonists appear ridiculous. He has created documentaries such as those filmed in the Carpathian Mountains on the trail of the pop icon Andy Warhol (ABSOLUTE WARHOLA) and the search for the middle of Europe (THE CENTER). He shot his first feature HOPE in Poland, which celebrated its premiere at the Moscow and Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Jim Stark

Jim Stark first came into contact with the film world in 1983. While working as a lawyer he helped finance, produce and sell a black & white low-budget, independent film about his 86-year-old grandmother. He continued working as a producer on Jim Jarmusch’s most successful productions, including DOWN BY LAW and NIGHT ON EARTH. Alex Rockwell’s IN THE SOUP (Grand Jury Award, Sundance Film Festival) and Vladan Nikolic’s LOVE followed soon after. Jim also co-wrote and co-produced Fridrik Thor Fridriksson’s prize-winning COLD FEVER and Bent Hamer’s celebrated FACTOTUM.

Quirin Berg

Quirin Berg was born 1978 in Munich. He co-founded Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion in 1998 together with his school friend Max Wiedemann. He began studies in Production and Media Economics at the HFF München in 1999, where he created his first feature-length film MÄDCHEN Nr. 1 making him Germany’s youngest film producer. In 2006 DAS LEBEN DER ANDEREN, produced by Wiedemann & Berg, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, 3 European Film awards, 4 Bavarian Film awards and 7 German Film awards.

Albert S. Ruddy

“He who carves himself to suit everyone whittles himself away” a credo exemplifying Ruddy’s belief in remaining true to his own instincts which are shown through his consistent ability to spot promising material and creative talent. Ruddy, born 1930 in Canada, got his start in 1965 by pitching an original, yet offbeat, television idea. After succeeding in television, Ruddy decided to try his luck at movies, he cast an unknown Robert Redford in LITTLE FAUSS and BIG HALSY, this film led to his involvement in THE GODFATHER for which he won the best picture Oscar in 1972. His cult-classicTHE LONGEST YARD was one of the highest grossing films of its time and further successes secured Ruddy’s continued respect in the industry. He won the picture Oscar for MILLION DOLLAR BABY in 2004. In addition to the two Oscars, Ruddy’s commitments have brought him two Golden Globes, three Festival Lifetime Achievement awards and the National Association of Theater Owners’ Producer of the Year Award.