Hanna Polak

Hanna Polak

The director, cinematographer and producer Hanna Polak is renowned for her socially engaged documentaries. Her short documentary THE CHILDREN OF LENINGRADSKY (2004) garnered an Academy Award nomination and won numerous festival awards. For her most recent, multi award-winning feature-length film SOMETHING BETTER TO COME (2014), Polak followed a group of children living on a gigantic waste dump near Moscow for a period of 14 years. Hanna Polak has lectured at various film schools and universities, including Yale, and was a jury member at the IDFA and Krakow Film Festivals.

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Stanislaw Mucha

The Polish director Stanislaw Mucha lives and works in Germany. Stanislaw makes films about Europe and what is thought to be Europe. Bizarre figures and amusing stories populate his films and, despite all the absurdities, Mucha manages to avoid making the protagonists appear ridiculous. He has created documentaries such as those filmed in the Carpathian Mountains on the trail of the pop icon Andy Warhol (ABSOLUTE WARHOLA) and the search for the middle of Europe (THE CENTER). He shot his first feature HOPE in Poland, which celebrated its premiere at the Moscow and Karlovy Vary Film Festival.