Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda was born the son of Henry Fonda in 1940. His acting career began on Broadway. He wore his hair long early on, loved rock music and preferred to spend his time with his musical role models The Byrds rather than the established Hollywood crowd. Together with Dennis Hopper, Fonda wrote and produced EASY RIDER in 1968, a film that shaped a whole generation and still enjoys cult status today. Fonda and Hopper received an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. Fonda has played numerous controversial roles and directed several projects. He was a Best Actor Oscar nominee for his role in ULEE’S GOLD in 1997.



Was born 1933 in Greece and immigrated to Paris in the 60s. His political thriller Z, which won the Oscar® for Best Foreign Film in 1969, gave Costa-Gavras his international breakthrough. His film project EDEN IS WEST deals with illegal immigrants in the EU. Costa-Gavras’ films mostly represent a society affected by political grievances, which the director attempts to expose. From 1982 until 1987, Costa-Gavras was the director of the Cinémathèque Française in Paris. He served as the International Jury President at the 2008 Berlinale.


Peter Rommel

Born in 1956, the German film producer Peter Rommel produces successful arthouse works such as Andreas Dresen’s HALBE TREPPE and SOMMER VORM BALKON. He founded Peter Rommel Productions in 1993, Home Run Pictures in 1996 and co-founded Shotgun Pictures in 2004, which concentrate on the investment and creation of international cinema productions.

Peter Rommel set aside two days for the ZFF Master Class. He exchanged opinions with the Master Class participants on the topics of production and financing before heading an open workshop talk with Andreas Dresen at the in the cinema corso. The 4th ZFF Master Class concluded with the two talking about the creation of their film WOLKE 9and the remarkable mutual trust between director and producer.


Sylvester Stallone

As an Oscar nominated actor, screenplay writer, director and producer, Sylvester Stallone created two characters that have gone down in film and cultural history: Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. The then unknown Stallone wrote the screenplay to the first ROCKY and offered it to several film producers with the condition that he himself can play the lead role. ROCKY was nominated for ten Oscars and won a total of three. At an exclusive ZFF Masters, the Golden Icon Award guest recounted his experiences in the fields of acting, screenplay writing and directing to film excerpts from PARADISE ALLEY, STAYING ALIVE and ROCKY BALBOA.


Andreas Dresen

Born in 1963, the German author and director Andreas Dresen is known for his unscripted, improvised shootings with a well-rehearsed crew and amateur actors. This procedure provides his films with an extremely realistic, semi-documentary character. His work WOLKE 9, a film about love and sexuality in old age, celebrated its world premiere in the series ‘Un Certain Regard’ at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

WOLKE 9 was screened as an exclusive Sunday Matinee. Andreas Dresen and producer Peter Rommel were available after the matinee to hold an open ZFF Masters for our young filmmakers, the Zurich Film Festival’s competition directors and Zurich’s general public.



Tan Dun

Now living in New York, the Chinese composer and conductor Tan Dun combines classical and modern elements in his compositions and unites Asian and European styles of music. Born in 1957, Dun composes operas and film music as well as works for orchestra. Tan Dun was awarded an Oscar and a Grammy in 2000 after creating the soundtrack to Ang Lee’s Film CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON with Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang. Zurich Film Festival welcomed this exceptional composer in 2008 for an open ZFF Masters. Tan Dun discussed his work for CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, HERO and THE BANQUET, and talked about his work between the continents. The workshop talk was accompanied by film excerpts.