Fatih Akin

Ten years ago, Fatih Akin celebrated his powerful breakthrough with GEGEN DIE WAND. The compelling love story impressed both critics and audiences with the self-destructive drive of its protagonists and their strained Turkish-German identity. GEGEN DIE WAND was honored with multiple awards, among them the Golden Bear and the European Film Award, but it is only one of Akin’s many brilliant cinematic works. His first feature film, KURZ UND SCHMERZLOS, a harsh crime drama set in the director’s native quarter Hamburg-Altona won the Bavarian Film Award “Best New Director”. Love and homeland, Hamburg and Istanbul, great hopes and crazy ideas – these are the themes of almost all his films. But Akin is well versed in balancing sternness and gaiety, darkness and light. So his œuvre includes both melodramas – like the trilogy about “Love, Death, and the Devil”, whose second part AUF DER ANDEREN SEITE won the “Best Screen- play” award in Cannes – and light-hearted films: IM JULI is a sunny road movie, SOLINO an affectionate family chronicle, and SOUL KITCHEN a heart-warming comedy. Besides his work as a director, Akin also successfully participates in the German film scene as a screenwriter (KEBAB CONNECTION), producer (CHIKO), and actor (KISMET). After five years, Akin finally presents the last part of his trilogy: THE CUT will be screened at this year’s Zurich Film Festival. 

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford ist einer der erfolgreichsten Schauspieler Hollywoods. Seine Karriere startete er in der „New Hollywood“-Ära Ende der 1960er Jahre mit kleineren Rollen in Filmen von George Lucas oder Francis Ford Coppola, bevor er mit der Rolle des Han Solo in George Lucas’ STAR WARS (1977), dem ersten Blockbuster der Filmgeschichte, auf einen Schlag weltberühmt wurde. Mit seiner Darstellung des Archäologen und Abenteurers Indiana Jones in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) und den Nachfolgefilmen der Franchise machte sich Harrison Ford zur Ikone einer ganzen Kino-Generation. An der ZFF MASTERS berichtet Harrison Ford von seinen Erfahrungen als Schauspieler.

Adrian Grenier

The multi-talented Adrian Grenier, himself the focus of paparazzi activity, turned the cameras on this group of celebrity snappers for his film TEENAGE PAPARAZZO (2010). This ironic and playful response to stardom and his own fame is typical for him, who is best known in his homeland for his role in the TV series ENTOURAGE. TEENAGE PAPARAZZO was Adrian Grenier’s second documentary film. In addition to his activities as a director and actor, he is also the star drummer of his band ‘The Honey Brothers’ and produces his own film projects.

Roman Polanski

Born 1933 in Paris to Polish parents, the director Roman Polanski is considered one of the most unconventional filmmakers of our time. He celebrated his exhilarating cinema debut with KNIFE IN THE WATER in 1962. Polanski’s most famous works include the comedy THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS (1967), the soon to become cult film psycho-thriller ROSEMARY’S BABY (1968) and CHINATOWN (1974), which is now regarded as a milestone of the Film Noir genre. His semi-biographical Holocaust drama THE PIANIST did not only triumph with the Golden Palm at Cannes in 2002, but also received the Oscar for Best Director in 2003. Unfortunately, he could not attend Zurich Film Festival due to his arrest on arrival.

Michael Keaton

US-American actor Michael Keaton was born 1951 in Pennsylvania. He came to the world’s attention with his embodiment of Batman/Bruce Wayne in BATMAN (1989) alongside “Joker” Jack Nicholson. In 1992, the celebrated actor donned the batsuit for a second time in Tim Burton’s BATMAN RETURNS. He performed in a broad spectrum of genres during the 90s: the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (1993), Ron Howard’s comedy THE PAPER(1994)and as Ray Nicolette in Quentin Tarantino’s cult film JACKIE BROWN(1997). The Golden Globe nominated actor came to Zurich in a new role, namely as a director, with the director’s cut of his debut film THE MERRY GENTLEMEN (2008), which celebrated its world premiere at the festival.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s talent and versatility as an actor finds appreciation wherever he appears on screen. He has received four Oscar nominations and won the award in 2005 for MILLION DOLLAR BABY. Morgan Freeman can indeed look back on an extraordinary career, characterized as much by passion and discipline as by integrity and style. Clint Eastwood once called him „the world’s greatest actor“. How does he maintain this performance diversity and continually find new potential? And what attracted him to directing and producing in the 90’s? These were just some of the questions he clarified in our first public master class.

Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda was born the son of Henry Fonda in 1940. His acting career began on Broadway. He wore his hair long early on, loved rock music and preferred to spend his time with his musical role models The Byrds rather than the established Hollywood crowd. Together with Dennis Hopper, Fonda wrote and produced EASY RIDER in 1968, a film that shaped a whole generation and still enjoys cult status today. Fonda and Hopper received an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. Fonda has played numerous controversial roles and directed several projects. He was a Best Actor Oscar nominee for his role in ULEE’S GOLD in 1997.