Tobias Weber and Baptiste Planche


Tobias Weber and Baptiste Planche are entrepreneurs exploring new ways of cinematic storytelling. Tobias Weber studied filmmaking at the London Film School. Baptise Planche holds an MA in Sociology, History and Political Sciences. Together, they run the film production company &SÖHNE and the start-up for interactive movies CtrlMovie. With their award-winning productions for clients such as NIKE, FREITAG or UBS they always strived for attractive new ways of storytelling enabling unique branded entertainment experiences. Their film productions often comprise innovative digital and interactive elements. They collaborated on LATE SHIFT, their first feature and at the same time the world’s first cinematic interactive movie. LATE SHIFT was released in early 2016 and has since created a buzz due to its seamless cinematic quality and intriguing storytelling structure. Their Master Class will be accompanied by a special screening of the film and will provide a thorough insight into the making of this new cinematic experience at the convergence of film and game.