Lone Scherfig

In her native Denmark, Lone Scherfig began her career directing award-winning commercials and television dramas. Her first feature as director, THE BIRTHDAY TRIP, was screened at the 1991 Berlin International Film Festival and “new directors”, MOMA New York. Her second feature, ON OUR OWN, won the Grand Prize at the Montreal Film Festival. Lone next wrote and directed Denmark's fifth official "Dogme 95" film, ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS, which won among many other awards the Silver Bear Jury Prize for Best Director at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival. 

Her first English-language film was the award-winning WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF, followed by AN EDUCATION. The later won Sundance's audience award, followed by three Academy Award nominations, and eight BAFTA nominations.

Other film credits include the Danish comedy JUST LIKE HOME, ONE DAY based on Davis Nicholls' bestseller, and THE RIOT CLUB. All films have premiered at Toronto Film Festival.

Lone has (co-written) and directed five different TV series including “Quiet Waters”, conceived by Lars von Trier.

Her latest dramedy THE FINEST will premiere in fall. Right away, she will start pre-production of her next project, the feature film SECRETS FROM THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM. 


THE FINEST ­(2016) – director
THE RIOT CLUB (2014) – director
ONE DAY (2011) – director
AN EDUCATION (2009) – director
JUST LIKE HOME (2002) – co-writer, director
WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF (2002) – co-writer, director
ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS (2000) – writer, director