Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stefan Ruzowitzky is one of Austria’s most versatile directors. After his graduation, he started working as a freelance director, writer, and editor for television, commercials, and music videos. In 1996, he ventured to write and direct his first feature film TEMPO, a coming-of-age drama, which was awarded the Max Ophüls Preis for its perceptive depiction of Vienna’s youth culture. His next feature film, DIE SIEBTELBAUERN, was also a huge success and won many international awards, among them the prize for “Best Picture” at the Inter- national Film Festival Rotterdam. With ANATOMIE and the children’s film HEXE LILLI, Ruzowitzky demonstrated once again his versatility and aptitude to direct high-quality genre films with enormous popular success. The sensitive Holocaust drama DIE FÄLSCHER was Ruzowitzky’s international breakthrough: a great hit at festivals as well as in theaters and winner of the 2008 Oscar® for “Best Foreign Language Film”. In 2012, his first American film DEAD- FALL, starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.