Gabriel Mascaro

Gabriel Mascaro is one of the most innovative, daring and successful Brazilian directors and artists of recent years, and that at just 32 years. His filmography includes six feature films to date, including four documentaries and two feature films, as well as various video installations. In his films Mascaro explores the boundaries between fiction and documentary. His avant-garde hybrid films bring the physical and sensual aspects of their protagonists into the foreground and combine traditional forms of storytelling in cinema with elements of the visual arts. For this reason, his works can also be found time and again in contemporary art exhibitions and museums. His biggest film success to date is titled VENTOS DE AGOSTO, which IndieWire described as a "beautiful meditation on life and death". The first feature film from Mascaro was honored among others at the Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema and the Film Festival Locarno. Gabriel Mascaro has already appeared with his documentary DOMESTICA in the section "New World View" at Zurich Film Festival in 2013. This year he presents his second feature film BOI NEON in Zurich.