Tom Tykwer

Born in Germany, Tom Tykwer began making his own amateur Super 8 films at the age of 11. At 22, out of love for film he chose to become the programmer of Berlin’s Moviemento cinema. His short film BECAUSE (1990) was well received at the Hof Film Festival and inspired him to continue with filmmaking. In 1994, Tykwer founded the production company X Filme Creative Pool with Stefan Arndt, Wolfgang Becker and Dani Levy. Although his second feature WINTER SLEEPERS (1997) brought him to the attention of German cinemagoers and critics, it was the Bafta nominated RUN LOLA RUN (1998) that received international recognition. Tykwer’s success continued with THE PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR (2000), HEAVEN (2002), his ten-minute contribution to PARIS JE T’AIME (2006) and the acclaimed version of Patrick Süsskind’s novel, PERFUME (2006). Tykwer made his Hollywood debut with THE INTERNATIONAL (2009), a thriller starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. He also realized an adaptation of David Mitchell’s CLOUD ATLAS, co-directed with The Matrix Trilogy directors Lana and Andy Wachowski. In the Public ZFF MASTER CLASS  we discussed the visual aesthetic of his films and the importance of music, as he is also a composer. In addition, he also talked about how he chooses his projects, about his style, his work relationships, and the direction he sees for the future of the cinema.