Hervé Schneid

Born 1956 in France, Hervé Schneid carved out an early career as a cutter. He has worked for numerous directors including Sally Potter, Mike Figgis, Johnny Depp, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, with whom has built up a close working relationship. The most famous films for which Schneid has cut include DELICATESSEN (awarded a César in 1993), ORLANDO, GOODBYE BAFANA AND LE FABULEUX DESTIN D’AMÉLIE POULAIN. The latter brought him various nominations including a BAFTA Award nomination, César Nomination and a nomination for the International Press Academy’s Golden Satellite Award for Best Editing. His ZFF Master Class revolved around EUROPA, LE FABULEUX DESTIN D’AMÉLIE POULAIN, GOODBYE BAFANA and MATHILDE.