Syni Pappa

Writer and Director (Greek and German based in Germany)

Syni Pappa is a Greek-German director and screenwriter who was born in Germany but spent time growing up in both Greece and London. She originally trained as a classical dancer before studying film at the Raindance Film School in London. She also holds a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology from Panteion University, Athens. Her work includes a body of experimental fiction, as well as short narratives screened and awarded in festivals internationally. She enjoys creating fictional worlds within the Sci-Fi and Crime-Mystery Genres the most. Her screenplay collaborations for LGBT Drama “Feline” and SciFi Drama “Haunted By City Lights” are in development as European Co-productions. With the latter she took in writing programs including Sources2, Babylon and Sarajevo Talents. In 2015 she completed the sci-fi short “Whack” which was the winner of the screenplay category of the SEE Cinema Network Funding Award (2013). “Whack” is a dark sci-fi comedy about suicide prohibition, an allegory on contemporary european history and has been screened in more than 20 countries, selected by festivals such as Clermont Ferrand, Filmfest Dresden, Brest and received the Platinum Remi Award at 50th WordFest Houston. Her latest short “The National Garden” a crime-coming of age satire has been awarded a production fund by the Athens Film Lab. Syni lives in Berlin and is working on her debut feature film “Wrong Island”.

Selected Filmography:

2016 The National Garden (Short Fiction)
2015 Whack (Short Fiction)
2012 Miseries Increase (Short Experimental Fiction)
2009 Lessons in Sociology (Short Animation)