Manuela Piemonte

Writer (Italy)

Manuela Piemonte is a writer for plays, films and TV with a background in publishing. She writes in her mother tongue Italian and English. She holds a degree in Screenwriting from the Civica Cinema School in Milano and continued training in various workshops at the Locarno Film Festival, Trentino Film Commission and Kino-Scuola Holden. In 2016 her web series #FREEDOM was shortlisted at Premio Solinas, the most important screenwriting competition in Italy. #FREEDOM is a dramedy about love and social media, centred on a psychologist whose successful therapy for smartphone addiction is put to a test when two of her patients fall in love with each other and she herself realises that her marriage is at a dead end. Her talent has also secured her an invite to the TorinoFilmLab, where in 2015 she developed an adaptation of the novel "The Annwyn’s secret" by Swiss author Claudine Giovannoni, a story about climate change. This project led to meeting the Croatian production company Nukleus Film, and the development of her drama feature treatment “Paradise Lost”, which was reached the second round of consideration for the 2016 Sundance Institute International Screenwriters Lab. “Paradise Lost” about a young woman who makes a Faustian deal with an old man in order to relive a beautiful day she had with a man in Berlin, a decision, however, that she soon begins regretting; after months of development and a ScriptCircle workshop, Manuela is now writing the third draft of the treatment which will be used to scout a director. Most recently her drama TV series “Night Patrol” was in the second round of consideration at the 2018 Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab. Up until recently she has been involved in the development of her drama/thriller TV Series “Red Box”. Propaganda Italia has already bought full rights to the show that now consists of eight episodes (50 minutes in length). Until March this year she worked for 102 Distribution, an independent production company in Italy, as a script reader and consultant for film and TV series development. Fun fact: Manuela is the only ‘pure’ scriptwriter in this year’s ZFF Master Class and has written a novel (a uchronia inspired by the story of Sophie and Hans Scholl) that was published in Italy and Spain under her pseudonym Emma Romero.

Selected Filmography:

2017 #GOLDFISH (Drama Web Series), Script Consultant
2017 Red Box (TV Series in development)
2017 Paradise Lost (Feature Fiction, script in development)
2011 Out of the Blue (Short Fiction)