Klara Kochańska

Writer and Director (Poland)

Klara Kochańska is a Polish director who recently graduated with an MA in directing studies from Łódz film school with her very successful graduation film “Tenants”. The short was awarded the Bronze Medal in Foreign Film Category at The Student Academy Award and travelled to numerous festivals including the Student Festival in Hong Kong and at Karlovy Vary in the FUTURE FRAMES section. ”Tenants” tells the story of a lawyer who buys a flat through a bailiff auction to end up cohabitating with its previous tenants, a mother, her disabled daughter and their cat, who refuses to move out which would ultimately render them homeless. The film has been lauded for its “high level of directing and capturing the acting skills” by the Short Grand Prix Jury at the Warsaw Film Festival. “Tenants” has garnered Klara a lot of attention with reviews stating that she should be on everyone’s radar. Currently Klara is in the process of finishing her feature debut “Via Carpatia” a feature film she co-directed with her husband, Kasper Bajon, who also co-wrote the script for Lokatorki. The film that is being partly funded by the Polish Film Institute shows the journey of a middle class couple who travel to a refugee camp on the Macedonian-Greek border. They avoid topics around their marital problems and end up having to face them as well as the socio-political situation of Europe today. The film is being produced by the production company MD4. She is looking for a European production company for an English script she wrote and pitched to Village Roadshow Production. She is currently writing a treatment for a historical movie focusing on the unknown lives of women who wanted to fight for the Independence of Poland in the First World War battles but legally were not allowed to. Some who resulted to creating false identity papers and image to join as male soldiers. Klara’s conscious goal is to create more female leading characters in Polish cinema who aren’t limited to romance topics or helping a man progress.

Watch Klara’s acceptance speech at the 2016 Student Academy Awards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi1mZvzbA5Y

Selected Filmography:

2016 Melancholia (Short Fiction)
2015 Lokatorki (Short Fiction)
2014 10 APGAR (Short Fiction)
2012 Flora i Fauna (Short Fiction)
2011 Zmartwychwstanie (Short Fiction)
2010 Królowa śniegu (Short Doc)