Jela Hasler

Director (Switzerland)

Jela was born in Baden, Switzerland and studied photography at the Zurich University of the Arts with an exchange semester in Istanbul. She then switched to the moving image by doing a degree in video at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. Her first short “No Porn” was meant to be a documentary about a porn producer that turned into a personal look at diverging views on sexuality - and concepts of lifestyle - within her family. The film won the Ozu Doc Award and was invited to many festivals including CPH:DOX. Her second film produced with her own company, Jela Hasler Filmproduktion, is set in a peaceful meadow where a herd of cattle, looked after by cowboys, are grazing. As we watch their day unfold we start to realise that this original impression is a fallacious one. “The Meadow” is a beautifully shot, still film with subtle yet strong storytelling. These qualities garnered “The Meadow” 6 award wins and many invites to international festivals. Not only does Jela direct docs, but also political clips about Swiss popular initiatives, one features the Swiss ex-bachelor Vujo Gavric. As a board member of Pro Short, Jela is also promoting short films and lobbying for better conditions for its makers.

Selected Filmography:

2015 The Meadow (Short Doc)
2013 Kein Porno (Short Doc)