Jakub Viktorin

Producer (Slovakia)

Jakub is a Slovakia-based producer who has had an impressive track record thus far, despite his relatively young age (born in 1990). He graduated with an MA in film production and produced several shorts during his studies such as “Momo” (directed by Teodor Kuhn) and “Checkpoint” (directed by Adam Felix), the humorously told story of a woman who embarks on a trip to return her faulty vacuum cleaner (it expels air instead of vacuuming it) to its factory - encountering ever more absurd situations. Jakub is the managing director of the Visegrad Film Forum (www.visegradfilmforum.com/2017/) which he helped set up as a student, an important networking and educational platform for emerging film professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. After his studies he founded the production company nutprodukcia and worked as an executive producer on two international co-productions “Red Captain” and “Home Care”, which premiered in the main competition of Karlovy Vary IFF. This year his company co-produced “Spoor” a film directed by Agnieszka Holland which won a Silver Bear at the Berlinale 2017. Now working on his feature debut as a producer Jakub has teamed up with his friend Teodor Kuhn again, who he met whilst studying. Their film “By a Sharp Knife” tells the story of Ľudo who lost his son to a ruthless neo-Nazi attack. But because of a hole in the Slovak legislation, the attackers are soon released and Ľudovít is faced with absurd injustice. Check out the film’s instagram account which gives an insight into the filming process: www.instagram.com/ostrymnozomfilm/

Selected Filmography:

2016 Red Captain
2015 Home Care
2014 Checkpoint
2012 Momo