Cosima Frei

Writer and Director (Swiss based in Germany)

Cosima Frei recently completed her Master Studies in Film at the Zurich University of the Arts this June. Previously she has gathered extensive work experience in various film settings, either as an assistant director or casting director for gigs including commercials and the Swiss National Television. She was the casting support for the Extras on the set of Paolo Sorrentino’s film “Youth”. Her previous short “Offside” was shown at the Hofer Filmtage and travelled to festivals in Spain, France, Bulgaria and Turkey. “Offside” tells the story of Dastan who more than anything else wants to belong. But when his Muslim mother comes to his soccer game wearing a hijab, she becomes the target of racist mockery. Her graduate film “Stopover” premiered at the Zurich Short Film Night and is now entering the festival circuit. It tells the story of tour guide Maren who is surprised with a guest from the past during a bus trip leading to a situation that tests her professionalism. Family obligations is a recurring theme in Cosima’s work and something that she is interested in exploring through her feature debut. Currently Cosima is living and working in Berlin on the script: a story about the emerging relationship between two half-siblings who get to know each other after their father’s death.

Selected Filmography:

2017 Stopover (Short Fiction)
2016 Offside (Short Fiction)
2015 Aquarium (Short Fiction)