Teodor Kuhn

„Ever since I got selected for my first festival, I understood how important it is for a European filmmaker not to stay isolated, but to remain in touch with the bigger world.“

Teodor has just finished his studies at VŠMU Bratislava, and he did not find the experience all too pleasant: VŠMU is a small shool in a country not very open for innovative ideas and whose cinematographic tradition was interrupted by communism. Nevertheless – when watching his films, you do not feel any lack of innovation, but a courageous and unique way of developing themes, stories, and characters. He is mostly concerned with stories from the „streets“ – disadvantaged youths and their difficult coming of age. His short THE LOST CHILDREN won the Best Cinematography and Best Fiction Awards at Festival Áčko (National Slovak Student Film Competition) and the American scriptwriting prize Grand Prix Celtix Seeds 2. His next short drama MOMO centers around an insecure young boy who has problems with self-control and finding his way in life. It also deals with the importance of fatherhood. It won numerous awards for best script and best film and ran in competition at the short film corner in Cannes. My personal favorite is I AM SORRY, his diploma film. It is another gripping take on troubled youths: An older brother, deeply bothered by the unresolved results of a hit-and-run situation in which he lost his self-control, tries to outgrow himself when he sees his younger brother taking the same hopeless path. The film is currently in the festival circuit. When all goes well, Teodor will shoot his first feature film soon.

Writer, Director (SK)

2015 I AM SORRY (Short Fiction)
2012 MOMO (Short Fiction)
2011 (LOST CHILDREN (Short Fiction)