Mauro Mueller

Mauro Mueller is a Swiss-Mexican narrative filmmaker with an M.F.A. in Film from Columbia University in New York, where he was teaching assistant to Richard Peña und Andrew Sarris.

His short film Un mundo para Raúl/A WORLD FOR RAúL won a Student Academy Award–Oscar® in 2013, as well as prizes at Aspen Shortsfest and New York Shortsfest: Two boys with different social backgrounds – one the son of the local landowner, the other son of a worker – have to spend the afternoon together. Their interactions are dominated by the repercussions of a childhood friendship and the horror of coming to terms with a new power dynamic. A dance of pride, abuse, and humiliation unfolds.

Mauro was part of the Masterclass Atelier Paris-Ludwigsburg, a post-graduate program which is tailored around European co-production/distribution, at La Fémis Film School in Paris. He is a recipient of the IFP Marcie Bloom Fellowship. Mauro is also part of the multinational creative collective Fidelio, formed in 2010, which focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to filmmaking.

He produced the feature film COPENHAGEN starring „Game of Thrones“-actor Gethin Anthony in Denmark and the omnibus feature film A QUINTET which premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2014. As a director, he is in development of the feature film A FEW DAYS IN THE SUN.

Producer, Writer, Director (CH/MX)

2015 THE CUDDLE WORKSHOP (Short Fiction)
2014 A QUINTET – segment THE CUDDLE WORKSHOP (Feature Fiction)
2014 FINGERSPIEL (Short Fiction)
2012 UN MUNDO PARA RAÚL (Short Fiction)