Marina Klauser

Marina Klauser (*1985) studied Film and Television at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and got her diploma in 2012. She collaborated with Pia Hellenthal on three marvelous short comedies: GANOVEN in 2011 and TRAUERKANTATE IN SECHS ARIEN as well as PALIM PALIM in 2013. The later two have both received public funding. Marina’s style is very special and intriguing: Narrative fades slightly into the background considering the perfect interaction of odd places, quirky characters, bizarre situations, funny props, and her laconic visual style. Since her diploma, Marina has done excessive script writing for short and feature films. She is author for the Swiss Broadcasting Company SRF. She is currently writing a series about the historical figure Lydia Welti-Escher (1958–1891), the daugther of Swiss politician an pioneer Alfred Escher, who took her own life because outrageous social and financial intrigues smothered her strife for independence. At the moment Marina Klauser also writes a feature film which she is going to direct herself – MARTINKA (WT). It is going tob e a psychological drama about a young nurse and the old couple she takes care of whose backstories are way more intertwined then it seems at first glance.

Writer, Director (CH)

2013 PALIM PALIM (Short Fiction)
2010 GANOVEN (Short Fiction