Marc Wilkins

„Since I can remember, I enjoy to make up stories.“

Born 1976 in Switzerland to a British father and a Swiss mother, Marc Wilkins was raised in Germany. His first short film ABOUT ESCAPING, shot on his grandmother’s Super 8 camera at the age of 16, premiered at the Jugend Film Festival Wiesbaden in 1996. He went on working for projects with German television stations ARD and ZDF. In 2010 – after resettling to New York – he founded and headed the Brooklyn Public School Film project „Red Bench“. 2012, he directed the short film HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA in New York. It had its world premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand festival and screened on many festivals. The film centers around a language school in Manhattan where people from around the world meet to learn English. Their stories intertwine.

Marc’s recent short film BON VOYAGE was shot in Turkey this year. It premiered in Palm Springs and is an awe-inspiring, breath-taking masterpiece of suspense and bewilderment: a Swiss couple encounter a sinking refugee boat when sailing with their yacht through the Mediterranean on vacation. While sticking to common sense and the „rules“, they fail as human beings.
At the moment, Marc lives in New York and Berlin, preparing his first and second long feature film.

First priority is the Arnon Grünberg novel-adaptation THE SAINT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. It is a funny and ultimately bittersweet story centered around two Peruvian teenage boys, Paul and Tito, working as delivery boys in New York City. The film will be a love letter to the infinite myriad of immigrant lives that intertwine in New York City. A small part of the novel has already been the successful basis of Marc’s film HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA.

His second project is THE ELECTRIC GIRL, a youth-culture-revenge-thriller about a young Ukrainian girl, escaping her depressed father, diving into the exciting underground nightlife of Kyiv, just to hunt for the killer of her mother. It is inspired by Marc’s many visits to Ukraine to shoot commercials. The events of the Euromaidan Revolution 2013/2014 made him look deeper into the Ukrainian DNA. Studying the history and Ukrainian contemporary culture, the idea for a feature film appeared and he is currently writing the screenplay.

Besides creating film, Marc is a passionate sailor. He crossed the Atlantic, explored the Greek Islands and regularly sails the East Coast of North America for many years.

BON VOYAGE will participate in this year's ZFF MASTER CLASS screenings.

Writer, Director (CH)

2017 THE SAINT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE (Featue in Development)
2016 THE ELECTRIC GIRL (Feature in Development)
2016 BON VOYAGE (Short Fiction)
2013 HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA (Short Fiction)