Luca Ribler

Luca Ribler is born and raised in Switzerland and has just finished his Master in directing at Zurich’s ZHdK. His filmography contains a number of impressive films! In 2013, Luca realized FRIENDS, a drama about three teenagers – bored and horny at the climax of puberty – whose games with a camera quickly escalate. One year later, he once again proved with PARENTS his unique ability to penetrate into human relationships. Both relentlessly and respectfully, Luca dissects a young couple’s relationship, which took a turn to the serious because of the girl’s accidental pregnancy. In 2015, he collaborated with the young writer Remie Blaser on the short drama DE LETSCHT FALL about a private detective who is supposed to prevent the blackmailing of a distinguished politician by a young woman. But after a couple of meetings, his loyalty is challenged. Together with the other Master students of ZHdK, Luca collaborated in the episode film PERIPHERIE which screens at this year’s ZFF. He directed the segment VINC. For the last couple of months, Luca has been writing his first feature film – the story of a provincial beauty queen who works in amateur pornography out of love for a man. With the project, Luca again wants to do what he is best at: exploring the inner workings of intimate relationships and exposing the abysses behind. But he also plans to pose questions about our society and time where everything needs to be shared and published like this is the only way to become „real“.

We love his films and so will you – so check them out!

Writer, Director (CH)

2016 PERIPHERIE - episode VINC (Feature Fiction)
2015 DE LETSCHT FALL (Short Fiction)
2014 ELTERN (Short Fiction)
2013 FREUNDE (Short Fiction)