Lisa Brühlmann

Lisa Brühlmann has just finished her Master in Film Directing at the Swiss ZHdK. While studying, she has written and directed five short films, which have been internationally successful and were also screened on television. Her latest short film, PATRIA, is one episode in the episodic film PERIPHERY screened at this year’s ZFF. As her Master’s thesis she currently has the feature film BLUE MY MIND in production.

“While studying, I was not interested in the technicalities of filmmaking. I was primarily occupied with developing my unique cinematic language and and a voice of my own as a director”, Lisa explains.

Lisa’s films develop intuitively and only in the end she can really assess what kind of essence she has filtered from our time. Thematically, she is interested in how our inner wishes are smothered by our struggle to meet social requirements. Her characters either break free or perish of this predicament.

Her short film MÄGE is a wonderful example of how very delicately Lisa weaves this thematic focus into her psychologically complex characters. A father struggles with the loss of his teenage son. While his wife is trying to move on, he holds on to his grief and memories. Only the encounter with a teenage delinquent stirs new feelings. In an inscrutable mixture of emotional projection and the need to be needed, he wriggles himself out of his paralysis. The teenage delinquent is torn between the peer pressure of his rebellious, future-defying friends and the advances of a possible father figure who is willing to show a way out.  Both men are unable to properly address their inner needs. It is a fascinating psychological drama, you should definitly check out:


Writer, Director (CH)

2016/17 BLUE MY MIND (Feature in Production)
2016 PERIPHERIE - episode PATRIA (Feature Fiction)
2015 MÄGE (Short Fiction)
2013 HYLAS UND DIE NYMPHEN (Short Fiction)