Hallvar Witzø

Hallvar Witzø might not have made that many films so far, but they have an impressive record! His short film TUBA ATLANTIC was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 and his next short YES WE LOVE for the Palm d’Or in 2014. TUBA ATLANTIC is inspired by Hallvar’s grandfather and tells the story of an old man who, facing death, wishes to contact his brother in the U.S. It is a very charming, heart-warming film with an incredibly wonderful 70-year-old non-professional actor in center. At the Academy Awards Annual Nominee’s Luncheon Hallvar sat next to Steven Spielberg and had a nice long chat. Good thing he participated in all the fun, because the super-strict Academy rescinded the nomination in July 2012 after it was made aware that the film had been shown on Norwegian television. What they could not rescind, though, is how great the film is! Hallvar’s next short YES WE LOVE is an episodic comedy which gives you a sample of what people of different ages and lifestyles are doing on Norway’s national holiday. Hallvar is also successfully doing commercial and TV work. One of his feature films in development is based on the mining community in Malm. It is a film about social outsiders and it is important to Hallvar that it has a universal feel although it is set in a small Norwegian town. Hallvar is a director with humor and heart and we are very happy to welcome him in Zurich!

His short film YES WE LOVE will participate in this year’s ZFF Master Class Screenings.

Writer, Director (NO)

2014 YES WE LOVE (Short Fiction)
2010 TUBA ATLANTIC (Short Fiction)
2009 REMI (Short)
2009 SVIGERTUR (Short)