Fiona Ziegler

„The ZFF Master Class for me is an interesting and important opportunity to reconnect with an environment familiar to me - but on an international level.“

Fiona Ziegler was born in Switzerland. She graduated in German Literature and History at the University of Fribourg and got a Master Degree in International Studies from the Institute of International Relations in Geneva. Working as a journalist, theater assistant-director and script continuity on film sets, she realized that her main interest is film. Intrigued by the Czech New Wave, she decided to learn Czech and study directing at the Film Academy in Prague (FAMU). She graduated with her short fiction TODA RABA BEN (30’) that she shot in collaboration with Sapir College in Israel. The drama depicts the unique journey of a young student in search of her former boyfriend Ben in Israel, who vanished without a word. It is beautifully shot, has a great actress in center, and arrests your attention from the first to the last second.

Among her other short films are DOMOV (2013), a very melancholic and moving drama about an elderly woman who has to leave her home for good; 2:1 (2013), a very beautiful, black-and-white drama about a spontaneous amour; and GOD PARTICLE (2015) which asks through the relationship of a girl and her younger, epileptic brother uncomfortable questions about the dilemma between self-realization and responsibility towards loved ones. Her early work IRON CINDERELLA (2011) – about a foot lover who has a surprising encounter – is also a little jewel.

All her films were screened at various international festivals such as International Music & Filmfestival Kustendorf (Serbia), Global Chinese Student Film Festival in Hong Kong, The Cinema South International Film Festival in Israel, Film selection Al Este de Lima (Peru) and International Filmfestival Krakow in Poland.

Currently Fiona is working on her two first feature length films, one being a documentary with the working title BURNED about the friendship of her grandmother and Ingeborg Bachmann, the other a fiction with the title LOST IN PARADISE taking place in Switzerland and Prague, clashing the perceptions of “East” and “West”.

TODA RABA BEN/ THANK YOU, BEN will participate in this year's ZFF MASTER CLASS screenings.

Writer, Director (CH)

2016 TODA RABA BEN (Short Fiction)
2015 GOD PARTICLE (Short Fiction)
2015 BURNED (Short Doc)
2013 2:1 (Short Fiction)