Pietro Scalia

Pietro Scalia was born in Italy and raised in Switzerland. Scalia began his career on the films of director Oliver Stone, working as Assistant Editor on WALL STREET (1987) and TALK RADIO (1988), as well as Associate Editor on BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY (1989) and additional editor on THE DOORS (1991). The following year, Scalia won his first Academy Award – as well as an A.C.E. Eddie and BAFTA Award for Stone’s JFK (1991) in the category of Best Editing. As well as Oliver Stone, Scalia has worked with a host of other renowned directors, including Ridley Scott, Bernardo Bertolucci, Sam Raimi and Gus Van Sant. Scalia received an Academy Award nomination for Gus Van Sant’s GOOD WILL HUNTING (1997), while, collaborating with Ridley Scott, he received an Academy Award nomination for his work on GLADIATOR (2000) and a win for BLACK HAWK DOWN (2001). Most recently, Scalia has worked on Scott’s PROMETHEUS and Marc Webb’s THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN (both 2012). Pietro Scalia will talk about the working methods of an editor, how he decides on new projects and the importance of the script in his work. We will also discuss the role of music in the work of an editor and the editor’s working relationship with the director.

Erwin Wagenhofer

Born 1961 in Austria, director and screenplay writer Erwin Wagenhofer uses his films to highlight the world’s grievances. The German Documentary Film Award-winning and FIPRESCI Award-winning WE FEED THE WORLD deals with the excesses of worldwide food production and international agricultural policy. A graduate of the Austrian Institute of Technology, Wagenhofer created impressive imagery to portray the abstract flow of money in the global financial system in LET’S MAKE MONEY (2008). Wagenhofer worked on the screenplay for his drama BLACK – BROWN – WHITE, which tells the story of the impossible love between an Austrian trucker and an illegal African immigrant.

Christian Frei

The Oscar nominated Swiss documentary filmmaker Christian Frei (WAR PHOTOGRAPHER, THE GIANT BUDDHAS) celebrates the world premiere of his latest film at the Zurich Film Festival; SPACE TOURISTS is a documentary about and an American space tourist and Kazakh rocket debris collectors. For 20 million dollars, the American Anousheh Ansari realized her childhood dream: to travel into outer space. The film accompanies her on her trip in space and shows everyday life as it is on an international space station.Following the film’s presentation, Frei gave a comprehensive workshop talk on the initial idea, his meticulous research and the obstacles and challenges he encountered during the more than two years it took to film.

Hervé Schneid

Born 1956 in France, Hervé Schneid carved out an early career as a cutter. He has worked for numerous directors including Sally Potter, Mike Figgis, Johnny Depp, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, with whom has built up a close working relationship. The most famous films for which Schneid has cut include DELICATESSEN (awarded a César in 1993), ORLANDO, GOODBYE BAFANA AND LE FABULEUX DESTIN D’AMÉLIE POULAIN. The latter brought him various nominations including a BAFTA Award nomination, César Nomination and a nomination for the International Press Academy’s Golden Satellite Award for Best Editing. His ZFF Master Class revolved around EUROPA, LE FABULEUX DESTIN D’AMÉLIE POULAIN, GOODBYE BAFANA and MATHILDE.