Explore, connect, collaborate!

ZFF MASTER CLASS is a networking platform for aspiring filmmakers within the framework of Zurich Film Festival. It offers the opportunity to connect with prospective collaborators and to discuss work methods and experiences with international film industry experts. While cherishing the approach of renowned and powerful figures of the international film scene, ZFF MASTER CLASS also tries to explore new ideas of filmmaking and storytelling. APPLY NOW!


"A wild time, a ride, and incredibly inspiring! Thanks!" - Štěpán Altrichter

"The network you get here! A bunch of interesting, creative filmmakers from different countries bound together in one class is something you can't beat." - Alexandre Powelz

"The ZFF MASTER CLASS has completely recharged my inspirational batteries within a very short time. I still draw on it!!" - Michael Binz

"It was a rich and inspiring experience. I learned a lot and made some wonderful new friends. Thank you all very much" - Valerie Heine

"No big Egos, no "who sells himself and his work best?"-attitude! Instead: positions, experiences, journeys through life from great film people who have both feet planted firmly on the ground." - Maurice Hübner